About Us

 24K Gold High Vibe Wellnesspicture of the Okanagan Valley, home of Divine Aqua Vitae

Divine Aqua Vitae is lovingly crafted in small batches in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC - known as Canada's wine country.

  Formulator Andre Borak Gr.Dr.TCM

Divine Aqua Vitae was born from 20+ years of experience in the natural health and beauty industry.  Formulator and founder Andre Borak began as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and ran a clinical practice for over 10 years.  He then transitioned into the natural health industry, focusing on the sales and distribution of natural health supplements and vitamins.  

Shortly after the birth of his youngest daughter, Andre suffered a head injury from a car crash that motivated him to begin researching natural healing minerals and elements for the brain to help with recovery from the TBI (traumatic brain injury). Through this research, Andre found many parallels between brain cell regeneration and skin cell regeneration.

As a result, Andre found his way back to TCM and acupressure treatments.  Over time, Andre began to notice more and more of his clients were women experiencing frustration over the changes in their skin, due to health, life changes, and stress.  Andre started specializing in anti-aging facial treatments and with his brain health research, Andre applied the findings to develop a precious mineral facial elixir for clients.  The feedback from his treatments was impressive and when clients began asking for bottles to take home, Andre realized he was on to something. There was a real opportunity to help more people reach their skincare goals through innovative formulations than through time spent on the treatment table.  

Since the launch of Divine Aqua Vitae, Andre has continued his education and research in the area of natural product chemistry and formulations, using his Chinese medicine herbal background and an alchemical mindset to grow from elixirs to serums, and is now moving into other areas of health and wellness.

Divine Aqua Vitae is a family-run boutique small batch company with each member contributing to production in some way, down to the smallest detail. We are proud to provide quality, clean, hand-crafted products at a reasonable price.  Our commitment to "no extra frills" packaging helps keep costs low and helps reduce our environmental footprint.