About Us

Taken from the Latin meaning "Water of Life", Divine Aqua Vitae is an innovative new product line that combines the unique properties of sound frequencies in a PH balanced antioxidant bio-available solution with ingredients specifically selected for nourishing the skin such as hyaluronic acid, collagen peptides, and precious metals in nano particulate form (24k Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc).  Together with specific crystals and essential oils, Divine Aqua Vitae aims to help bring about health, beauty, and rejuvenation.  


Andre Borak Gr.Dr.TCM, CLT

Formulator Andre Borak is a  health practitioner with 20 years of anti aging experience. He had developed this product as a clinical tool to help boost his Laser/ Cold plasma face lift treatments. Clients kept asking to buy it and now it is available to the public. Divine Aqua Vitae is a product that combines over 20 years of clinical experience in Oriental medicine, homeopathy, herbology, laser light, electro sound therapy as well as crystal energetics and harmonic infused precious metals.  It is a labour of love and a genuine family-run business behind this unique handmade line.