Divine Aqua Vitae 24k Nano Gold health & beauty products

Relax, Refresh, Release - with Divine Aqua Vitae

 The structured anti oxidant solution used as a base in Divine Aqua Vitae products is programmed with electrical plasma to carry unique sound frequencies and also ph balanced for healthy glowing skin. Cosmetic grade 3% hyaluronic acid, collagen peptides, and organic essential oils are carefully selected to complement the frequency and are emulsified into the formula. 24k Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Magnesium in Nano colloidal forms further enrich the product with skin refreshing glittering properties. Finally a corresponding crystal is placed in each bottle to enhance and program the energy. The result is a bubbly and live product that gets stronger over time and can help to Change your Frequency and Change your Life!

Silver Antiviral Shield

Moisturize and sanitize with this chemical-free spray sanitizer

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Sore n Achy Magnesium

Soothing and mositurizing non-greasy magnesium elixir

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Rose Gold Hydrate

24K gold moisturizing facial elixir with organic rose oil

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Lavender Gold Relax

24K gold moisturizing facial elixir with organic lavender essential oil

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Sage Gold Smudge

24K gold moisturizing facial elixer with organic sage essential oil

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