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Sorenachy Magnesium by Divine Aqua Vitae is a highly absorbable bio-available magnesium spray made from nano particulates and Zechstein magnesium.
It penetrates the skin in minutes to cool, relax and soften your sore and achy areas.
The aqua-based antioxidant base solution is oil free and ph balancing leaving skin soft and glowing.  Sorenachy Magnesium also includes Nano 24k gold, zinc, copper as well as 90 Zechstein minerals and is infused with 528hz (the DNA tone) and other frequencies designed to help with inflammation, relaxation and pain relief.  This product may help to soothe headaches and migraines due to mineral deficiency.
Sorenachy Magnesium is odor free, stain free, and dries clear with no oily/powdery white magnesium residue on skin or clothes.
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